Perk Policy

Latest Update: 01.01.2024

1. General

The Perk Policy is supplemented by our Website Terms of Use and our Global Privacy Policy and our Standard Terms of Services and they are binding upon you.

From time to time we may run promotional offer (also known as "PERK Offer") event on our Website or Third Party platform.

Promotions or PERK Offer is exclusively reserved to new Customer only and only one promotion can be purchased. A promotion cannot be used in combination with other promotions.

2. Conditions

In the event Customer ("You") subscribed to Scaleflex' product through a Perk Offer provided by one of our authorized Partners, please note that the following specific conditions apply to your Plan:

a. You agree that Scaleflex reserves the right not to grant the perk to You at any time and for any reason.

b. You agree and understand that Scaleflex restricts the use of the Perk Offer to maximum one account per organization and/or website, even if different brands or if multiple email addresses created several accounts on behalf of one single Organization or website.

c. You agree and understand that Scaleflex restricts the use of the Perk to the allowance defined in the Perk Offer, and that these Perks are not cumulative.

d. The Perk Offers are exclusive to new Customers only and will not be applied to existing Customers of Scaleflex’ Services. No refund shall get provided to existing paying Customers based on these perks offers.

e. Perk Offers including discounts shall only apply to traffic and cache prices; no discount shall apply to higher support levels, add-ons or any professional services.

f. In order to activate a Perk Offer proposed by a Partner, the Customer agrees to provide Scaleflex with accurate information and contact details (active website, business email address, company name, phone number). No account will be created with an alias address.

g. You agree that any Perk Offer implies a subscription duration of twelve (12) months. Fees related to the Services can be paid monthly, or upfront at the beginning of the period. In case of termination before the end of the annual subscription, You agree to pay Your entire Subscription until the end of the term.

h. You agree that the Perk Offer will be applied as such on Your Subscription, and that no downgrade to lower Plan will be possible during the twelve (12) month period.

e. Perk Offers have a validity period of a maximum duration of twelve (12) months since the activation of the Perk Offers on the Customer’s Subscription. At the end of the initial duration of twelve (12) months, both Parties agree to proceed to an upgrade to the Scaleflex’ Standard Plan for which the Perk Offers has been applied for a duration of twelve (12) months unless You send a termination notice before the last sixty (60) days of the Plan end date.

All promotions are subject to availability. We reserve the right to end a promotion at any time.

We shall not be liable for any financial loss arising out of the refusal, cancellation or withdrawal of any promotion or any failure or inability of a customer to take advantage of a promotion for any reason.

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